Giving the pups lots of attention

Why Hire A True Pet Care Professional?

Lately it does seem like lots of people are boarding dogs in their homes or offering to pet sit for friends and neighbors.

Anyone can go to your home and let your dog out or feed your cat.  The difference is that I truly care that your pet is happy, safe, engaged, stimulated, and feels love.

Professional pet sitting and boarding makes a difference!  

Taking large number of dogs into a crowded home – often with children present and without any real thought as to how to keep them safe and happy –  is all too common. Frankly, its unsafe and unethical. A true pet care professional ALWAYS puts the needs of your pets first.  Real pet care professionals spend time understanding animal behavior, learning how to read your pet’s body language, understanding basic pet health and safety issues, and developing smart and effective strategies designed to keep your animals safe, happy, healthy and well cared for at all times.  I’m proud of the time I’ve spent learning and perfecting my trade over many years. I know it makes a big difference in the care I provide to each and every client.

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