Boarding – At My Home

Brumby and I love company! We specialize in older or shy dogs, but any friendly dog that is well socialized, well behaved and housebroken is welcome! Call me to set up a time to come visit us.

  • Absolutely no cages or runs. Your pet(s) will have complete run of my home.
  • A Large, clean, and comfortable space. Not only will your pet(s) have complete run of my home, but I also have over an acre of fenced property for your pet(s) to play in!
  • My undivided attention I never board large numbers of dogs at one time.  Small, carefully matched groups mean that your pets get my undivided love and attention at all times.
  • Special arrangements.  Arrangements can be made so that only your family’s pets are at my home at one time.  Please ask me about this if you’re interested.
  • Rates – Please contact me for rates.

Please note that all dogs must have a topical flea treatment (March through December) and must be up to date on their rabies and distemper shots. I will need a copy of your dog’s vaccination records. 

Pet Sitting – At Your Home

Unlike some other pet sitting services, when I come to your home to take care of your pet(s), I spend all of my time there with your pet(s). I am not reading the paper, watching tv or eating my lunch etc. We are playing, petting, walking or just hanging out.

For me pet sitting is a lot more than just coming to let your dog out in the yard. I want to connect with your dog or cat and have them really enjoy our time together – whatever that means to them. Whether it be a nice long walk, playing with a favorite toy, just cuddling or a combination of all three, I want your pet to have the best experience possible with me each and every time I come to visit.

I won’t only keep your pets healthy and happy, I’ll help keep your home safe while you are away. I will take in your mail and newspaper, water your plants, and alternate the lights that I turn on each night. Naturally, I will alert you immediately if I see anything that looks out of place in your home or requires your immediate attention.

Please contact me for rates. 

Pet Sitting Or Boarding?

Which is best for my pet?

People always ask me about the difference between home visits (in your home) and boarding (in my home).  My answer is there is no one size fits all answer when it comes to pet care.

Home visits are great for a small puppy that has to establish a routine and get used to how their world works. They are also great for dogs that are homebodies and don’t go out and visit other places often.  Some dogs are not well socialized and don’t know how to be with another dog. For those dogs, being at my home and trying to figure out how to communicate with my dog Brumby can be stressful and confusing, so home visits would be a better option.

What about cats? Well, most cats do not like change!  With a few exceptions, home visits for a kitty are by far the best option.

Please remember that my visits are super concentrated. Every moment of my 30-60 minute visit in focused on your pets and their needs and having fun.  I try to let the visits come to a natural conclusion so I leave them when are tired and will most likely sleep until my next visit.

Boarding is a great option for any friendly dog that is well socialized, well behaved and housebroken.